March 21, 2015

Did I Say That?

Ha! Did I really say I was going to try to post once a week?? Well, the joke's on me. The only thing predictable about my child's nap schedule is that it is completely UNpredictable. We do have our good days, but there are still many days where she sleeps for 27 minutes and pops right back up, which doesn't leave much time for Momma to sit, think, and write. We're working on figuring out the cause for the short naps and trying to circumvent it, so she does get more consistent rest, but so far, there's still no real consistency. Yay, life. :)

Anywho, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I haven't forgotten my promise - I'm just completely unable to keep it right now. So, no more promises. I'll just say that I will post here as I am able. That's the best I can do. Someday I will return full-force to the blogging world, but my main job right now is to be the best mommy and wife that I can be, which means blogging (and writing of any sort) is on the back burner.

If you're a writer or blogger, I'd love to read your posts and thoughts, so please do leave or send me your info. I did manage to proof an entire book from my phone just while I was rocking baby girl to sleep one week, so if I can be of help in the proofing capacity, please let me know!

All His Best,

February 10, 2015

My Return to the Blogosphere!

Hello, everyone!

First, I must apologize for my unannounced, two-year writing break. About half-way through my pregnancy, I dropped out of cyberspace as I prepared for our baby’s arrival, and once the baby did come, I was so busy nursing and changing diapers and trying to get her to sleep, I didn’t have time or energy for much else. Oh, right, and I was still working as a Resident Director! Did I mention that? TWO 24/7 jobs is WAY too much for anyone to be expected to handle.


I am now a full-time, stay-at-home mom, and my baby is now a rambunctious 18-month-old who has FINALLY figured out how to take at least one 1-hour nap per day. (Whew! She did not get this no-sleeping thing from me! I need a nap...) At last, I have one hour of blissful peace and quiet all to myself each day. Now that I’m mostly proficient at keeping us in clean clothes and I’ve learned to ignore how badly the house needs a thorough cleaning, I have a little bit of time to write again. Yay!

To be honest, I have no idea how often I’ll actually get to post here, but I’m shooting for once a week to start. Maybe if I get faster at the whole editing thing, I’ll get to post more often, but since I’m just starting back, we’re going to take it slow.

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to reading your comments and learning from you!


Homebuilding in the Desert

After a long conversation with Erik the other night about how we are struggling to get plugged into a church, friendships, etc., after moving to Kentucky back in August, I was still mulling over our Relational Sahara situation when this post from 2008 came to mind. It had been so long since I’d written anything, I had to go back and reread the whole thing, and now this command is reverberating in my brain:

Make yourselves at home.” (Jeremiah 29, MSG)

We went into this move knowing it was only a one-year commitment, and we would be moving again for Erik’s job by next summer. Twelve months. That’s it. Then, we move on. Despite knowing how desperately we need a strong support network here, it’s been really hard to put in the effort to build a life and a home in a new place knowing it’s only temporary. And yet, we both feel like that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.

Make yourselves at home.

Easier said than done, God. A little help here?

Not only is it emotionally draining trying to make friends and get plugged into a community knowing we’ll be leaving in a few short months, but we also have the already demanding task of raising a ridiculously active toddler (who until recently would only take one 30-minute nap per day!). Figuring out the logistics for attending choir rehearsals, playdates, or small group get-togethers and making sure nap and bedtime schedules remain in tact (or suffer the consequences) is about more than my poor Mommy Brain can handle. As much as I want to be a great mom AND be plugged in to a great support network, I just can’t figure out how to make it work. I’m exhausted.

I’m also beginning to learn that my ideal isn’t always possible. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” has always been my motto. “Don’t TELL me I can’t!” is a close second. But when I wanted to be a great mom AND a great Resident Director, I never could manage to be both at the same time, so I had to make a choice. There would still be college students when my baby was grown, but I only have her for a short time. So, I left dorm life for Mommy life. It wasn’t how I wanted things to play out, but I know it was the right decision.

But what do I do now when being a great mom is dependent upon having “village” to help me? How do I find a community of kindred spirits when I’m too worn out from wrangling an 18-month-old to go out and build relationships? Please remember – Introvert here! When I’m already running on fumes, the LAST thing I want to do is go be around more people I don’t really know. :/ See my dilemma?

I know I can’t possibly be the only person to have dealt with this situation. Are you stranded in your own toddler-induced desert? Have you found your way to an oasis of friendship and support? How did you make yourself at home in a new place, knowing it’s only a temporary stop? Desperate, lonely mommies want to know!

March 6, 2013

Boy Meets World Meets the Personalities

Last summer, I spent several weeks introducing Erik to all the wonders that are the seven seasons on Boy Meets World, and it was awesome! Boy Meets World is my all-time favorite show – I cried all the way through the seasons, and then cried for three days when it went off the air! (Okay, I admit it: I’m a bit of a crier…) But, the one thing I’d forgotten about was how evident the Personalities are in this show. Seriously, check out this breakdown:

Cory Matthews: Sanguine/Phlegmatic – loveable, devoted, eternal optimist, caring, wants to be loved by all, always seen as “the nice boy,” desperate to please, hates to disappoint, willing to look past obvious flaws to see the best in everybody.

Shawn Hunter: Melancholy/Phlegmatic – deep, sensitive (especially in later episodes), loyal to a fault, makes the most of his less than ideal circumstances and always has a plan, personable, dangerous/darker side, trust is of the utmost importance, protective.

Topanga Lawrence: Melancholy/Choleric – perfectionist, doubts her “too good to be true” relationship with Cory, not afraid to tell Cory and Shawn they’re being idiots, opinionated, leadership-oriented, focused on morality and always doing what is true to one’s self.

Eric Matthews: Sanguine/Phlegmatic – goofy, laid-back, heart of gold, always looking for the easy way out, focused on the present often to the detriment of his future.

Do you see it?? Crazy! Are there any other TV shows that demonstrate the Personalities? If so, please leave your suggestions in the comments section. I’d love to get in another good “case study” this coming summer! :)

February 13, 2013

Confessions of an Incurable Melancholy: Getting It Right

Hello, all!

Just wanted to drop a short note on here to celebrate my first day of answering a bzillion “How are you feeeeeling?” questions WITHOUT blowing a gasket! Hooray for me! :) Here is how most of these conversations went:

Sanguine Suzie: Hey, Laura! How are you feeeeling?

Melancholy Me: Well, as soon as I get my asthma back under control, we’ll be golden! (smile)

SS: Oh, no! Has it been bad?

MM: Not usually, but we had a fire alarm about a month ago and I breathed in a bunch of smoke. It’s been messed up ever since.

SS: Yuck!

MM: I know, I’m so over it. Ready to just get well and move on with more important things.

SS: Like having a baby!

MM: That is definitely on the top of the priority list.  (smile)

I had that same conversation – I kid you not – AT LEAST 15 times today. Had I not been so convicted about my attitude and rehearsed how to answer that one simple question, I’d have gone absolutely insane. As it was, I was able to give that one simple response to everyone I ran into and then move on about my business. Easy! And I wasn’t in a bad mood the rest of the day, either. I think I like this plan! 

I do realize I'm still not really answering anything about the pregnancy directly, but no one has seemed to mind today. So, we're just going to claim today as a victory and keep taking baby steps in the right direction. :)

The Personalities: An Overview

I need to apologize to my readers: I had written most of my “Confessions of an Incurable Melancholy” posts with the assumption that anyone who read them would understand The Personalities, which was mostly true when my only readers were family and close friends. However, now that more people are reading these posts, it seems like the perfect time to give a brief overview of the Personalities for those who may not be familiar with them.

According to this theory, The Personalities consist of 4 distinct types: Popular Sanguines, Perfect Melancholies, Powerful Cholerics, and Peaceful Phlegmatics. (For simplicity’s sake, I will only use the main type title, but the ‘P’ descriptors do help us remember them as we learn.) All of us are a unique combination of these four types, but generally we are predominantly one more than the others with a strong secondary. For example, my type is mostly Melancholy with a strong Choleric streak. My husband is largely Phlegmatic, but has a Sanguine side, as well. Let’s take a look at some quick descriptions of how to recognize each type and what some of their main traits may be. (Remember, these are generalizations – not every Sanguine is going to display every trait listed within their description, and there are many more I have not given here.)

The easiest Personality to recognize is the Popular Sanguine – fun, bubbly, charismatic, and sometimes flighty, these “People-People” are generally characterized by a loud voice, loud clothing (lots of bright colors and patterns), open mouth (always talking), and an open life (no secrets here!). Everything about the Sanguine is fun-loving and wide open. They love people and assume that everyone loves them right back. One of my husband’s best friends is definitely Sanguine and recently told us, “Oh, everyone loves me!” For the most part, that statement is true. It’s hard not to love a Sanguine, though their tendency to be forgetful or child-like can be irritating. But then they’ll apologize and charm you right out of your frustration, making it difficult to stay mad at them.

The second easiest Personality to recognize is the Perfect Melancholy, mainly because they are the exact opposite of the Popular Sanguine. Where the Sanguine lives life loud and wide open, the Melancholy is known for his quiet voice (and tendency to mumble), quiet clothing (traditional, no loud patterns or colors combinations here), closed mouth (doesn’t talk much), and closed life (operates on a “need to know” basis). These “Detail-People” are perfectionists, tending to focus on the individual trees, instead of the forest as a whole, and can detect a flaw in a single leaf faster than anyone else. My radiologist father is a Perfect Melancholy, and because he catches such small details, he is definitely the one you want reading your x-rays and CT scans. However, when a Melancholy spots an imperfection in her life, she can become depressed. These individuals are generally very intelligent, highly artistic, but tend to be moody when life isn’t as perfect as they would like.

Powerful Cholerics are the third Personality type and are usually recognized by their “powerful” presence, “powerful” walk, and “powerful” body language. When a Choleric walks into a room, the whole energy of the room changes: it either becomes charged with anticipation and a knowing something big is going to happen, or the atmosphere becomes incredibly heavy and stressful, depending on whether or not the Choleric is living in his strengths or in his weaknesses. Cholerics walk, talk, and gesture with purpose and intensity, especially when they’re focused on something important to them, so they can come off as bossy and unyielding if crossed while they’re on a mission. My residents often notice these traits in me at the beginning of the year when we go over policies at our All Hall Meeting and during fire alarms when I’m running around, yelling to get everyone to get out, and then trying to find out what happened, drill sergeant style. These “Natural-Born Leaders” also make decisions very quickly and often on very little information, making them perfect for taking charge in a crisis.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Peaceful Phlegmatics, the “Natural-Born Peacemakers.” Personally, Phlegmatics are some of my favorite people – especially since my husband is one of them! When I’m freaking out about one of those bzillion things in life that goes wrong, Phlegmatics are the ones who can peel me off the ceiling and help me calm down. I’m still not sure how they do it, but with their calming presence, calming voice, and relaxed body language, they simply exude peace. They are content with life and their place in it and are quite possibly the most patient people on the planet. One of my best friends and her now husband, another of my good friends, dated long distance for two years and were engaged – also long distance – for another year before finally getting married and moving to the same state. Because both of them were Phlegmatics, they were fine with the drawn-out courtship and were willing to wait for what they knew was God’s best for them. The trouble for Phlegmatics comes in that they can appear disinterested or unenthusiastic to the more expressive Personalities. Generally, Phlegmatics have to be identified by process of elimination. While the other types are overtly something – loud, quiet, strong – the Phlegmatic notes a distinct lack of anything obvious. They are the chameleons of the Personality world, able to fit in with any crowd and assume any trait as needed for the given situation. If you’re ever not sure what type someone may be, or they seem to be ALL of the other three, they’re probably Phlegmatic.

While these descriptions may help some of my readers understand the basics of The Personalities, they are by no means exhaustive. If you’re interested in learning more about The Personalities and how to use this information to communicate well with people of all types, check out Wired That Way by Marita Littauer or Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. I was trained in personality theory by these two women, and I highly recommend their materials.

One final, shameless plug: If you’re interested in having someone present The Personalities in an entertaining, informative, and interactive workshop, please let me know. I do these presentations periodically and would be happy to come talk with your Sunday School class, community group, or other event. Just let me know in the comments, if you’re interested!

I hope this post has been helpful for you in beginning to understand yourself and others. Keep posted for more adventures in the land of The Personalities!

February 9, 2013

Confessions of an Incurable Melancholy: The Log in My Own Eye

Now that I’ve gotten that pregnancy rant out of my system, I realize it’s time to take a step back and take my own advice. If all these well-meaning people are Sanguines (some of them aren’t, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to generalize), and their emotional needs are attention, affection, approval, and affirmation, I’m not doing a thing to help them feel loved by avoiding them or being cold when they ask me probing personal questions. To me, their nosey questions feel overwhelming, but since they aren’t the ones who understand personalities, it’s my job to cater to their personality styles. (How many times have I told other people that? Oh, how I hate it when my own lectures come back to bite me in the butt…)

If I’m the one who is uncomfortable, it’s my job to speak up and educate others about my emotional needs – check. As long as an impersonal blog counts… Still need to work up the nerve to tell people in person… It is ALSO my job to take what I know about their personalities and adjust my approach to them. So, instead of giving them a brusk, borderline rude answer and the cold shoulder, I need to find a way to pay attention to them, acknowledge their interest, and kindly place boundaries where I can be comfortable without hurting their feelings. So much easier said than done…

For the sake of my figuring all this out, let’s role play. Here’s how this situation would go prior to my log-in-the-eye epiphany:

Sanguine Suzie: (merrily popping into my office while I’m trying to work toward a deadline) Hi, Laura! How are you feeeeling??

Melancholy Me: I’m here. (Continues typing without making eye contact.)

SS: Good! Have you decided on a doctor yet? I heard Dr. So&So is really good. My best friend’s cousin said it was the best birth she’d ever had.

MM: Not yet. (Continues typing without making eye contact. Beginning to fume internally.)

SS: Oh, well you know, you really need to make a decision here soon. That baby’s going to be here before you know it!

MM: Well, it better not come before I make this deadline. I have a ton of work still to do. (Typing, typing, typing, fuming, fuming, fuming.)

SS: Oh… well… I guess I’ll let you work then… Bye… (Slinks out the door not quite as merrily as she entered.)

Not nice, I know. Definitely not proud of how I’ve been acting, but I’ve been so caught up in how I’m feeling internally about this pregnancy that I haven’t really cared. Now that God has my attention, let’s see if I can find a way to try that interruption sequence in a more appropriate fashion…

SS: (merrily popping into my office while I’m trying to work toward a deadline) Hi, Laura! How are you feeeeling??

MM: (taking a deep breath and looking up from the computer) I’m fine. Is there something I can help you with?

SS: Oh, no, just wanted to say hi and see how you’re doing. Babies are so fun!

MM: I’m sure I’ll feel that way once this one arrives. Until then, I have a ton of work to do. I’m sorry to cut this short, but I really do have to get this stuff done.

SS: Yeah, sure, no problem. See you later! (Merrily bops out of the office and down the hall.)

Huh… I was more polite this time, but I was also more up front about my need to work, and miraculously – the conversation and interruption were SHORTER! How had I forgotten this wonderful fact about Sanguines? When I stop and give them my full attention (remember their emotional need for attention?), they say what they need to say and are fine when they bump into clearly stated boundaries. No spirit crushing necessary! When I try to ignore them in hopes they’ll go away, they try harder to get my attention and the whole process takes much longer. I need to remember this lesson!

Alright, Sanguines – your turn to chime in. What did you think about how I handled that second role playing scenario? Would you have been hurt by how I talked with you? Any suggestions for improvement?

Melancholies – How else could I have handled the interruption problem? How do YOU handle it when you’re interrupted?

Here’s to learning and growing together!